Rachel White

Technologist, Artist, Pretend-Cyborg

This is just a showcase of work I've created. For more information about me please click the 'Go Home' link above. imcool.online was just too good to give up, lets be honest.

Neu Romance

Neu Romance is a project I started as a part of my artist residency at Pioneer Works. I wanted to blend special effects makeup and technology together to visualize what modern cybernetic augmentation could look like.

Through the project, I did a lot of research on the history of cyborgs and cyberpunk, primarily from the viewpoint of socialist feminism, and the project turned into a way for me to help underepresented people with an interest in transhumanism explore their most idealized view of themselves. This project is ongoing, and if you'd like to participate please reach out.

A photo of a face study from neu romance.

Photo by Tayler Smith. not.taylersmith.com

I spoke about this at StrangeLoop 2017. Watch it here.

Tiny Gallery

Tiny Gallery is a project that allows you to display pixel art on a Raspberry Pi, the pixel art is controlled from a hosted web site, and when you click on the art piece you want to display, it shows up for 2 seconds. It's a fun and cute interactive project, and you can totally make one yourself! It also utilizes Microsoft Technology such as the IoT Hub, Azure File Storage, and Azure Web Apps.

A gif of the tiny gallery in use.

I spoke about this at NodeConf EU 2017 and NodeFest Tokyo. Watch it here.


Rick's Big Day

Rick's Big Day is an unreleased video game I made while teaching myself how to use the popular JavaScript and HTML framework for browser based games.

You play as Rick, my fun and food loving cat, as he makes his way around my apartment trying to find things to play with.

I wrote all the code and made all the pixel art, music was done by Luke Silas from Anamanaguchi.

Gif of the game Rick's Big Day.

I spoke about browser based games at DinosaurJS 2016. Watch it here.

Magical n Cute Bot

The cute image bot is inspired by Japanese Puri booths!

It's a twitter bot that takes selfies you tweet at it and puts cute overlays on top. It's using technology from Microsoft's Cognitive Services, primarily the Face API to use facial recognition on selfies people tweet at it. From there it uses midpoint math, and image Magick to overlay hand drawn eyes, noses, and cheeks onto the selfie before sending it back.

Cute Bot

Cute Bot was born out of being bummed out for a bit, I wanted to make something to make myself and other people feel better.

I've always been interested in twitter bots, but I'd never worked with twitter streams or bots before. Luckily Darius Kazemi has a lot of great resources available online which made the project really easy.


I've been talking about building this thing forever. With the gentle prodding of a few friends who just kept on telling me to just do it, I took the plunge.

The only problem was, I've never worked with hardware before. I've never built a node app from scratch. I've never used socket.io. I've never soldered. And the list goes on.

BUT I DID IT. And even though many mistakes were made, I still learned a ton and figured out the bugs in the end. There's something seriously satisfying about building something technical and getting to hold it in your hands.

This whole project is open source, because I want people to build their own and continue to contribute to the library to be able to add on cool modules and other fun things.

Gif of my cat testing the cat feeder.

I spoke about Robokitty for my first technical talk ever at JSConf Last Call 2015 Watch it here.